Saint Who


The Catholic church says you can’t be a saint. Well not while you are alive anyway.  You need to be dead to be one. They seem to specialize in dead. It’s a real end zone for them, their money maker. So, they want proof that a dead person up for sainthood qualifies. They spend time and resources investigating someone who is, if they were, no longer a purpose to Heaven. They demand proof  Mr. Death led a virtuous life and had help from God.  A miracle thrown in here or there is a plus because then maybe, possibly God does one.

    It’s  a mysterious process, this trail to sainthood. Months of nonsense work. The Vatican, the original sexual predator, makes sainthood something quite unattainable, the one thing Jesus would never be. I ‘m  sure they wouldn’t make him one.  When eternity crossed time that babe slept through a silent night so the world would know he came to rescue it.  

    Jesus was saint’s poster boy, washing hands and feet, healing hurt and making right then letting religion take him, for us. He let them so he could take It. The law no longer can apply. He put it away. While we are here we are his saints. Religion doesn’t want the world to know him. All of them, their reasons and reasoning’s putting up walls he broke down.  But, we walk through them. His saints shrug them off like a bad day, so the world can see God.           


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